TiSuit dockerized

Table of Contents

How to use

Create Dockerfile in your poject root with following contents:

FROM tico/tisuit:latest

COPY . /var/www

Build and run it, that's all.

Integrated tools

  1. Swagger builder swagger-php - If your project has swagger-php installed, it will be runned automatically on container start
  2. Phinx migrations and seed phinx - If your project has phinx installed, migrations will be runned on container start. IF your APP_ENV env var IS NOT "prod", seeds will be runned after migrations
  3. Console - If your project contains app/public/console.php file, you can run it simple with console from any part of the system. Very helpful when you want to add some cron scrits or run it via docker exec. No matter which console library you use
  4. cron - manual
  5. nginx
  6. php-fpm